Talks with a realised Master on Life, Love and the topic of Spirituality.

New episodes will follow every second week. It is possible to ask spiritual questions from the Master to which he can reply in future episodes. You can send your questions to the siriopodcast@gmail.com email.

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Join us on the spiritual journey under the guidance of an authentic spiritual teacher to raise consciousness and move towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment through the ancient teachings of surat shabd yoga, nada yoga or as it's also called sant mat, the way of the enlightened masters.

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Introducing a Spiritual Podcast devoted to relaying the keys to enlightenment and connection in life

With teachings rooted in Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Awakening, The Light Of Sirio shares a plethora of disciplines and ideas that can help any and all listeners find true meaning and value in their everyday life.

Celebrating the universal benefits of meditation, yoga and spiritual discourse, The Light Of Sirio is a non-profit podcast devoted to sharing a sense of self-worth, connection and peace within the modern world.

From Yoga Meditation to Enlightenment, Holy Initiation, Truth, God, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening and Guidance, The Light Of Sirio Podcast delves into all aspects of Spirituality, and does so with a careful balance of experienced wisdom and genuine human compassion.

The goal is to connect with and inspire listeners, gift them a sense of joy or the possibility of happiness, by taking the time with each episode to explore a topic and relay the information in a personal, accessible, and calmly uplifting manner.

Coming in at just under the one-hour mark in most cases, all episodes of The Light Of Sirio – Spiritual Podcast | Beyond Words are available on Spotify, and consistently present a genuine and relatable view of the higher plains available to all humans.

Backed by organically calming musical frequencies, the quiet and controlled tone of this Spiritual Podcast helps depict precisely the contentment and connection explored in its content.

Stereo Stickman: The Light of Sirio – Spiritual Podcast | Beyond Words

Talks with a realised Master on Life, Love and the topic of Spirituality


New episodes will follow every second week. It is possible to ask spiritual questions from the Master to which he can reply in future episodes.

You can send your questions to the siriopodcast@gmail.com email.

If you like it, please support us by following and rating this podcast. Your comments are very appreciated, so you are welcome to leave even just one sentence as feedback to us under the episodes.

Join us on the spiritual journey under the guidance of an authentic spiritual teacher to raise consciousness and move towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment through the ancient teachings of surat shabd yoga, nada yoga or as it's also called sant mat, the way of the enlightened masters.

The Talk Chamber

Spiritual awakening, enlightenment and liberation | Q&A with Master Sirio | S2E08 | The Light of Sirio - spiritual podcast

10 December 2023

Episode 8 of Season 2 of The Light Of Sirio Podcast explores the widely contemplated matter of what precisely is the difference between Spiritual ‘Awakening’, ‘Enlightenment’, and ‘Liberation’.

For those with a keen interest in Spirituality and the Self, these terms will have been thrown around perhaps haphazardly for fear of admitting a lack of understanding. The question of how they differ has likely crossed your mind, and so once again, the Light Of Sirio Podcast host Dori presents the area of concern to Master Sirio, and allows that basic understanding to flourish.

We begin with a look at the description of Spiritual Awakening as being when your perspective of reality shifts distinctly. Usually an experience incites this, not a physical experience, but a sense of an entirely new reality surrounding and embracing you. The very discussion of this explains the process from a personal angle, Master Sirio describing the intoxicating sensations of going through Spiritual Enlightenment, and how it feels to step out into the world afterwards.

The conversation soon shifts to Buddha, his existential awakening, and extends to God and the world at large, before returning to the individual journey – all the while detailing stories, scenes and images that help gain clarity and recognition around the truth.

Master Sirio describes the process of leaving the body, feeling the blessing and bliss of witnessing life from a greater plain, and does so in a way that makes it feel wholly accessible, possible, and relevant to each and every one of us willing to believe.

Dori later asks, ‘if there is no beginning and no end, only an infinite cycle, how can spiritual liberation bring an end to the current perspective and experience?’ Master Sirio’s humility meets with his willingness to understand and consistently improve, as he relays the readings that taught him the true process of existing as part of a never-ending cycle of shared living. We move from the astral plains to the divine to pure spirit, and realize the importance of the self and of truth, even in such a vast and ever-shifting landscape of being.

Master Sirio uses analogy to compare the Master’s experience with that of a singer, requiring the support of a band, a marketing realm, an audience, in order to function and work and achieve the true peaks of their role. He remarks that those who become famous are not necessarily better than others, but have good strategies and a good network and staff supporting them. Once again, the lessons revealed within The Light Of Sirio Podcast are easily relatable for people from any and all walks of life. It’s a refreshing and welcoming approach, which consistently opens the listener’s eyes to the truth and realities of our world.

Finally, the episode asks about consciousness, physical memories and personal connections – will these be retained once we depart the earthly plain. Do we stay connected? Master Sirio promises; “Definitely, we stay connected.” Delve into the episode in full to hear the depths of this comforting and inspiring answer.

Arguably the most informative, honest and engaging Spiritual Podcast around, uniting the intricacies of regular civilian life with the knowledge and experiences of the Spiritual Master, The Light Of Sirio continues to bridge the gaps between the physical and spiritual realms.

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26 November 2023

What is free will? Does free will truly exist? What is kryaman karma and where does karma come from? Season 2 of The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast explores the answers to these questions through another insightful Q&A with Master Sirio.

The inner spiritual journey of the soul, the waking world and spiritual liberation – deeper topics of humanity that intrigue almost all of us at some time or another. These talks with a realized Master on Life, Love and Spirituality help you feel inspired, comforted, and able to connect with your own spirituality, and increase your understanding of the self and your role within this world.

Beginning with an imagery-laden, metaphorical and literal reading from host Dori, The Free Will episode of The Light Of Sirio Podcast presents a sense of self-awareness and conscious contemplation of both darkness and light along the decision-making process of life. This opening segment brings versatility in the podcast, laying bare the interest of today’s topic, before presenting questions to Master Sirio.

Master Sirio returns to his youth in discussing the comfort of understanding; and the confusion of not yet knowing the right path. The talk moves from genetics to cultural teachings, family and parents, our inert and learned sense of self, and the impact of our undeniable heritage. These personal revelations help further bridge the gap between the Master and his audience, and lay a foundation that’s relatable, before proceeding into actionable ideas and reflections.

Inspiring listeners to seek self-development and achieve things in life, by way of a clear understanding of the reality of self, Free Will, God, and the soul, the conversation is not binary in its relaying of facts or answers, but instead realistic – speaking from experience and personal anecdotes, suggesting possibilities and the likely outcome of both open-minded and limiting perspectives.

Master Sirio reflects that in this physical plane we are confined in time and space. “There is a point in space where I am, and there is a time. But when we withdraw from this physical dimension, we go into the spiritual dimension, and there is no time and no space – we can move anywhere we want in the universe, and we can move to any point in time; past, now, and future….”

“From that point of view, everything has already been done; everything has already happened. It’s all an illusion. We have to get out of duality and snap into unity – then we are free.”

Understanding the illusions of life and the power of free will is key to enlightenment, and Dori’s questions direct this conversation with Master Sirio towards creation, belief, and potential.

The Wheel Of Life series is awakening and uplifting in its exploration of the meaning of life, the various life forms, and the new souls continuously created in this world. Forgiveness and progression are central aspects of The Free Will episode, and as ever the calming pace and meditative ambiance helps the information and prospects settle in with ease.

“God wants to see himself manifested, so that he can watch this play going on, because it’s amusing for him.”

Listeners can expect to learn many keys to enlightenment and a brighter sense of self and focus, and can even send in their own questions for Master Sirio to answer by emailing siriopodcast@gmail.com.


Comparing Vegetarian & Vegan Diet | The wheel of life | Karma | Q&A with Master Sirio | S2E06 | The Light of Sirio - spiritual podcast

16 November 2023

What is the value of life from a spiritual point of view? The leading question, alongside one that has caused much disagreement and confusion amidst those who wish to choose the least harmful or most healthy, most sustainable diet – How do vegan and vegetarian diets compare?

Responsive as ever to audience participation and questions, The Light Of Sirio host Dori never misses an opportunity to shine further light on a topic that listeners have found interesting or unclear. In this case, the episode reacts to a specific question, and focuses down on the spiritual recommendation of a vegetarian diet as opposed to a vegan one.

The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast is becoming widely recognized as one of the most heartfelt, focused and honest independent podcasts around. Each episode offers a deep-dive into matters of spirituality, wellness and existence, and this week Master Sirio and Dori discuss the differences between vegan and vegetarian diets.

In many ways, vegetarians are looked upon with more scorn than meat eaters, by those who follow a strict vegan diet. This counter-intuitive approach can sometimes lead people to give up entirely and forget the values and intentions that first inspired them to change. Here, The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast delves into the reasons for choosing one diet over the other, the rewards of each, the negatives, and again seeks to present a positive influence on listeners in terms of improving their prospects and building deeper connections with the world around them.

Forty-four minutes of discussion covers everything from farming to chemicals, animal abuse, cultural preferences, pets, health, spirituality and diet, karma, morals, and plenty more relating to comparing vegan and vegetarian diets. The topic of sheep sheering as essential in animal care, as well as the health benefits of honey, and the history of farming in general, are all included.

As an advocate for the vegetarian diet, Master Sirio naturally directs things towards the benefits of certain animal products, but as ever our host Dori works hard to open up various pathways into discussions of veganism and animal mistreatment in line with this. The resulting conversation is refreshingly calm, thoughtful, honest and reflective, non-judgmental, and makes for a distinct change from the otherwise argumentative forums that tackle this broadly covered topic of veganism verses vegetarianism.

This week’s episode Comparing Vegetarian & Vegan Diet also concludes with a wonderful musical performance to wrap up the unity, awakening and emotive depth of the show – an organic, intimate yet full-band folk and world music moment of melodic togetherness, which is a pleasure to let play as you contemplate the conversation that passed.

Listeners can expect to learn many keys to enlightenment and a brighter sense of self and focus, and can even send in their own questions for Master Sirio to answer by emailing siriopodcast@gmail.com.

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Comparing Vegetarian & Vegan Diet / The Wheel Of Life - Light of Sirio PODCAST - Stereo Stickman

The wheel of life | Karma: The law of action and reaction | Q&A with Master Sirio | S2E05 | The Light of Sirio - spiritual podcast

3 November 2023

The latest installment of The Light Of Sirio Podcast brings another treasured Q&A session with Master Sirio – An inquisitive deep-dive into the topic of Karma, a discussion of how many forms of life exist in this world, and how thoughts are more potent than actions.

Introduced as ever by the deeply thoughtful Dori, Episode 5 of Season 2 of this spiritual podcast focuses without distraction or disguise on precisely the topics at hand. In this case, we begin with a talk about the law of action and reaction; the consequences that come from good and bad decisions, and how we can simplify our understanding of this in line with our true values and desires.

What is the wheel of life? Dori poses the questions that matter the most, so rather than leaving listeners in the dark or feeling as if the teacher, Master Sirio, is the only one with the answers, the discussion probes in an accessible, easy to follow manner, and leaves a lasting sense of possibility and clarity with its audience.

Carefully intertwining vast historical context and learned knowledge with personal reflections and relevant, contemporary observations, Master Sirio promises a unique balance of expertise and awareness – a distinct knowledge that the majority of listeners seeking out guidance from a spiritual podcast will be starting at the beginning. This quality is what sets The Light Of Sirio apart from other spiritual podcasts, and this episode regarding The Wheel Of Life and Karma is particularly humble and human in its relaying of the ideas and inspiration at its core.

Warming for its laughter and heartfelt curiosity combined, The Wheel of Life plays out for fifty minutes, complete with the simple yet mood-setting musical ambiance of before, and further bridges the gap between the master and his eager and uncertain students. The central theme of negative thinking and the negative power it holds is most interesting, addressed in a way that feels timeless yet also relevant to the modern listener and this fast-paced world. And on the flip-side, the beauty and strength of positive thinking is celebrated in a manner that gives a defiant sense of purpose and value to its premise.

Forever continuing their own spiritual journey, Dori and Master Sirio gift listeners true insight – we’re witnessing a genuine conversation between two spiritual beings, unedited and untainted by media intention or the need for views. That approach is consistently refreshing, and allows the depths and details of The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast to shine with increasing brightness as each new episode emerges.

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The Wheel Of Life / Karma: The Law of Action & Reaction (The Light Of Sirio Podcast, S2E05) - Stereo Stickman

Sadhana : The Spiritual Practice | Q&A with Master Sirio | S2E04 | The Light of Sirio - spiritual podcast

22 October 2023

This episode of  The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast is inspiring listeners to remember the values of a good life, asking questions like ‘What happens after the Holy Initiation?’ and ‘How to proceed on the Spiritual Path?’, Master Sirio delves into self-analysis and focus, with actionable steps and advice in order to refocus and meditate effectively as a spiritual being.

Season 2 of The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast is well under way, episode four was released just this past week and focuses on Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice, with a valuable Q&A with Master Sirio as the center-point.

Inspiring listeners to remember the values of a good life, asking questions like ‘What happens after the Holy Initiation?’ and ‘How to proceed on the Spiritual Path?’, Master Sirio delves into self-analysis and focus, with actionable steps and advice in order to refocus and meditate effectively as a spiritual being.

Master Sirio’s balancing of a calm, knowledgeable demeanor and a passionate devotion to the advice he offers is inspiring, and this 35-minute episode is brilliantly concise and maintains a captivating back and forth between host Dori and Master Sirio.

Episode 4 promises to deliver personal stories of walking the path towards spiritual depth, and directly useful suggestions for listeners from all walks of life to employ. Dori’s questions often feel like precisely the ones most listeners will be wondering about and wanting clarity on, and Master Sirio answers with a fine balance of heart, experience and wisdom.

The value of singing without reading the words, and its deeper connection due to singing wholly from the heart, is a powerful segment of this episode. The conversation continues through uplifting content on focus, the benefits of meditation on all beings, as well as happiness, daily determination, psychological and spiritual maturity, and how to not be negatively influenced by others.

“Meditation is bringing beautiful energy into this physical plain. Other people get the benefit – children, dogs, the whole universe gets the benefit from your meditation.”

* * *

Prior to this, Episodes 1 to 3 of season 4 covered the topics ‘The Path of Surat Shabd Yoga‘, ‘Master-Souls: Who is an Enlightened Master?‘, and ‘Real Spiritual Experience: Initiation into the Inner Light and Sound‘.

These talks with a realized Master on Life, Love and Spirituality are a continuous gift for individuals looking to reconnect with the universe and their own spiritual being. Every two weeks a new episode showcases a deeper layer of understanding and connection, and also speaks volumes on behalf of the professionalism and passion that both Dori and Master Sirio bring to the podcast realm.

Listeners can expect to learn many keys to enlightenment and a brighter sense of self and focus, and can even send in their own questions for Master Sirio to answer by emailing siriopodcast@gmail.com.

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The Light Of Sirio Podcast - Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice (Q&A with Master Sirio) - Stereo Stickman


Listen to the episodes of the Light of Sirio spiritual podcast (Newest on top)

The big question will be replied to in this episode, which many want to know: who will be the successor of the Master?

It is a very intriguing and deep topic explained with absolute clarity by a great enlightened being such as Master Sirio Ji who has more than 50 years of direct and everyday experience in spirituality and meditation. He had two spiritual masters, so he understands well how successorship happens after a great master leaves this world and who will be the one to continue and carry on the spiritual work and mission afterwards.

He also talks about the fact of why people find it difficult to accept the successor of their Master and what the difference is between realised satsangis and the one who eventually follows the Master in his role.

Last but not least it is also discussed why some people are keen to know the answer to this question.

Is the use of intoxicants against the 5 precepts? What is the effect of intoxicants? What kind of experiences can one have? What are the dangers of intoxicants? What is the importance of an authentic guide in any type of ceremony or spiritual experience? What does it mean to have easy or safe spiritual enlightenment? Why do people develop an addiction to intoxicants? What's the difference between the spiritual experiences provoked by intoxicants or meditation? What is the case about psychopharmacies and mental problems?

You can listen to the replies of a realised spiritual master to these questions and more. Master Sirio Ji has more than 50 years of experience in the fields of spiritual practice and meditation. During this time he met many people and faced many life situations. His explanations are always thoughtful, wise, understandable for everyone and stand on the ground of reality. His point of view is always practical and spiritual at the same time, which is a unique combination among spiritual teachers. There's no talking around, but the direct Truth is revealed through his Words of Wisdom.

How can we reach and maintain an uplifted consciousness? What are the ways the provoke the Divine Grace to descend upon us and how to keep high our spirit?
During retreats the spirit may fly very high and experience many wonderful states of connectedness with the Divine Presence. Then we go back to our daily lives and find it very difficult to maintain this elevated state of consciousness. What is the answer?

Realised Master Sirio Ji delves deeply into this question and brings insight into the topic of Simran, or constant repetition of the divine names. Simran is a very powerful spiritual practice which helps to retain that elevated awareness of the divine as we move through the challenges of day to day life. Master Sirio tells the story of a pilgrim who is introduced to the practice of repetition by his spiritual master, and then narrates the experiences which follow as a result of the repetition. Describing these experiences alongside his own, the Master takes us on an incredible spiritual journey and clearly shows us with practical advice how we may apply this precious practice in our own lives.

When we get initiation, the Master imparts some of its energy to the disciple, does that involve the exchange of karmas between the Master and the disciple also? What is Kal and the fall of the soul?
We can hear an involving conversation and a captivating explanation about the karmic bond and the exchange of karma between master and disciple. But we can also learn how it changes our karma if we help someone spiritually and influence the destiny of that person. Connected to this the existence of free will and predetermination is also mentioned. Then the conversation continues discussing what Kal and the fall of the soul is. Is there a negative power working in this world or is everything a manifestation of the Divine? Is God transcendental or immanent, omnipresent? How might the negative power influence our life and what attitude should we have towards it? How should we relate to the problems and difficulties in our lives?
We can hear the wise replies to such deep questions about life with clarity and certainty from Master Sirio who has more than 50 years of intense experience in the ambits of spirituality knowing well all its layers and has an incredible capacity to explain complex topics with simple words, giving understandable explanations to everyone.

In this conversation with a realised master, Master Sirio Ji, we are trying to find the place of Surat Shabd Yoga on the big map of Yoga. To better understand the method and approach, we begin this attempt by comparing Surat Shabd Yoga and another yoga direction, well-known and spread in the West, Kundalini Yoga. That's why the title is 'Surat' (in sanskrit 'Attention') vs. 'Kundalini' (in sanskrit 'coiled snake').

In the early '90s when people - who had been deprived for nearly 50 years of their innate spiritual needs - suddenly found themselves in a new situation and could experience once again spiritual freedom.
Indian gurus and spiritual teachers came to bring the promise of Spiritual Liberation and Enlightenment to the people. There was a great market, people were hungry for Spirituality. This is how eventually Valeria joined the Sangat of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji and received the Holy Initiation into the tradition of Sant Mat / Surat Shabd Yoga or as it's also called Nada Yoga. This is how Valeria, setting on a great adventure,  for the first time in her life travelled abroad to the "West" in 1994, to participate in a spiritual retreat with Sant Ajaib Singh (Sant Ji). You can get a glimpse into her life - narrated by host Dori - how persistent she was, even being a young mother of three, to finally take the chance to sit at the holy feet of the one through whom she experienced the Divine Perception.

We can listen to the story of Loretta, a psychologist doctor from Rome how she met a realized, true spiritual master, Sant Ajaib Singh. We can also come to know how things went wrong for her and some of her friends after the initial blessings. Their life turned into a real nightmare for them.

Following the previous episode, The Spiritual Love Story of Norman Sharp with Sant Ajaib Singh, we can now listen to an interview with Chris Sharp, Norman's son.
It's exciting to listen to Chris's personal story and see how things unfolded from his viewpoint. At the time of his father's Holy Initiation into Surat Shabd Yoga Chris was only a small child. He witnessed how his father set on the Spiritual Journey, and how he later found Sant Ajaib Singh after the passing of the Spiritual Giant, Sant Kirpal Singh. This beautiful love story is not your standard 'Quest for Truth' or 'Spiritual Seeker finds Enlightenment'. In fact, Chris repeatedly affirms that he was not a spiritual seeker at all. Chris's story is a testament to the love, care and guidance that a true realized master has for his spiritual children and their families.

Chris who's also a musician has a song in which he sings "If you want to talk about love, just come to me": so join us as we hear him speak of Love, Devotion and the immense impact of coming into contact with a true Satguru. Join us as we speak of beautiful first-hand encounters with Sant Ajaib Singh, and how Chris was eventually led to Nada Yoga Adept, Satguru Sirio, the spiritual son of Sant Kirpal and Sant Ajaib.

This episode is different than the others, as in this episode I talk to Norman Sharp, born in 1926 who has been a passionate seeker of Truth since his youth, which led him to the Holy Initiation in 1964 on the spiritual path, called Surat Shabd Yoga, Nada Yoga or Sant Mat, by the hand of Sant Kirpal Singh. After Sant Kirpal Singh went into Mahasamadhi, Norman associated with Sant Ajaib Singh (Sant Ji).
Nothing else shows better his passion for spirituality and devotion to his Masters that at the age of nearly 98, he took the trip from England to Italy, to participate in the celebration of his Master's birth anniversary.
On this occasion, I asked him to talk about the beautiful spiritual love story he had with Sant Ji. The result of this conversation is this impressive episode that talks about unconditional, infinite, divine love in its purest form. Remembrance of God, devotion, perseverance on the path and great wisdom that is the fruit of 98 years on this earth and decades of daily spiritual practice. We can witness with Norman the amazing effect of the spiritual path and the practice, and how the Inner Journey transforms us humans into divine beings. Even if Master Sirio this time doesn't talk to us in this podcast episode, still we can receive great spiritual teachings through the life story of a true seeker of Truth.

Back in India again, in February 1978 to begin the "man-making process" of spiritual growth and real spiritual maturity with Sant Ajaib Singh Ji. From this episode, you can understand what it means to transform your life to its roots and turn into a fully conscious spiritual being, with no stains, free of all evil.

How satsangis found Sant Ji? How was it miraculously revealed to Doctor Molina in meditation that Ajaib Singh was the new master? How the song arrived to him as an inner experience in all languages: 'A man has been born: Ajaib' - even before ever hearing his name? How did Russel Perkins learn about these spiritual experiences and how he went to India to meet Sant Ajaib personally in Rajasthan? What effect did this first encounter have on him and what were the consequences? How did Sant Ji go to Italy for the first time in the role of a master in 1977? A long expectation full of hopes: how satsangis waited for him and what happened on his arrival to Rome? Miraculous events and great spiritual upliftment on the Inner Journey, the Master power in action with Sant Ajaib.

Meeting and coming to know Sant Ajaib Singh in the Ashram of Rajasthan in 1976, participating in a spiritual retreat, conducted for Western disciples: the first impressions, the initial crisis and the Inner transformation to eventually fully accept the new form of the living master with an absolute conviction. The spiritual adventure continues - going back to Delhi for a period and then back to Rajasthan for another spiritual retreat with Sant Ji. Listen to all the fantastic details about the beginning of a 20-year-long deep spiritual bond that brought lots of fruits and changed the life of Sirio forever.

What happened in the Sangat after the leaving of Maharaj Sant Kirpal Singh? How satsangies tried to go on the spiritual path and continue their inner journey without a living master. The start of the Sant Bani magazine and the first news about Ajaib Singh from Rajasthan in 1976. The sprouts of a new hope, followed by a trip to India again for spiritual guidance. The beginning of a new adventure and the continuation of the quest for Truth told as a first-hand personal experience.

What is spiritual awakening, enlightenment and liberation? What is the difference between them? How does the Inner Journey start and process after a spiritual awakening? What are the different levels of spiritual enlightenment? How do we reach spiritual liberation? What happens to our consciousness after we leave the earthly plane? Do we stay connected to our family? What is a spiritual family? Do souls travel together on the Inner Journey? What happens when a spiritual master incarnates on the Earth again to liberate the souls? Who accompanies the Master from Beyond Space and why?

Is there free will or is there not? If there is, what is free will? What is kryaman karma and where do all the karmas come from? What is the entry point into the wheel of life and what is the exit point from it?

This is another enlightening episode about the inner spiritual journey the soul sets on, entering into this world and going towards conscious awakening and spiritual liberation.

What is the difference between a vegetarian and vegan diet from a karmic viewpoint? What is the value of life from a spiritual point of view? Intensive farming and household animals: ethic and non-ethic dairy products. Other animal products: honeybees and the balance of nature etc. Fruitarianism and fasting. What might be the golden mean in the diet of humankind?
The last episode (S2E05) of the Light of Sirio spiritual podcast was followed by a small discussion and further questions arrived for clarification on the vegetarian and vegan diet from a karmic and spiritual point of view. This episode was dedicated to replying to these questions.

If you want to transform your life and change to a vegetarian or vegan diet, this episode might be helpful in understanding the deeper spiritual, karmic and moral motives behind it.

What does the word karma mean? What is the law of action and reaction? What is the wheel of life or the wheel of transmigration? How many forms of life exist in this world? Why thoughts are more potent than words and actions? How can we be free from our attachments and desires? What is the karma that cannot be avoided in this lifetime?  What do our good actions bring into our lives?  How can we influence our future? How might we reach spiritual liberation? Can we kill mice and rats if they're a nuisance? What about killing insects? Doesn't this create bad karma because of the God in them?

Listen to the answers to all these questions by a realized master and dive deeper into the understanding of the spiritual journey and conscious awakening.

What happens after the Holy Initiation? How to proceed on the spiritual path? What is Sadhana, the spiritual practice? Constant Simran. Meditation, Satsang, holy songs, bhajan, intense spiritual retreat. How to improve in meditation? The positive effect of meditation on the surroundings and on other people. Psychological and spiritual maturity on the spiritual path. How to progress on the spiritual path? How to successfully face the mind?

What is initiation? How does it happen? What are the requirements for being initiated? How to prepare best for it? Do Westerners perceive in a different way the inner planes of the spiritual journey as described by Indian masters? Can pregnant women be initiated? All these questions are replied to in this episode by an enlightened master in a practical and understandable way for everyone.

Who are the Master-souls? What's their purpose? Where do they come from? What's the difference between the masters of the past and the living masters? Why should we have a spiritual Master at all? How it might influence or change our lives?

If you are interested in all these questions, listen to this podcast and you will find answers by a realised spiritual Master.

What is Surat Shabd Yoga? Where does the spiritual path want to take us? Is there a final stage we have to aim at? What is this final stage? How to get there? What does growth look like on the Path and what benefits do you see in your everyday life?

Master Kirpal left this physical world on the 21st of August in 1974.
In this special episode, we remember the anniversary of His Mahasamadhi with Master Sirio and Norman Sharp, another initiate of Maharaj Kirpal.

If you want to know more about the spiritual story of Norman, you can watch the following videos on YouTube:
God's gift through a Godman - https://youtu.be/7pvDmRnbN0c
A child of the Saint - https://youtu.be/S0Qx-xUPxaM

Returning to Italy in 1973 to return to India in 1974 to participate in the Unity of Man Conference in Delhi - organised by Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji - and celebrate Master Kirpal's 80th birthday together. Again a fantastic meeting with life-transforming spiritual revelations.

In this episode, the initial quest of Master Sirio, starting with a spontaneous spiritual awakening reaches an ecstatic peak.

We come to know what an uplifting and life-changing experience might be to meet in person a realised spiritual master and to look into his eyes. A single encounter that with great luck might profoundly transform a man, to change habits and lifestyle, to set out on the spiritual path to be good, do good and eventually be One...

Up to this current episode everything seemed perfect and miraculous in Master Sirio's spiritual quest and trip to India. But when things reached an amazing peak, all at a sudden the situation changed direction in a dramatic way.

In this episode, I speak with Master Sirio about his arrival in Rishikesh after travelling through Pakistan and the Punjab. We can hear of the amazing details of how he was miraculously taken care of and guided from above. We can also get a glimpse into the vibrant world of India during the 70s.

In this episode we can listen to the adventures in detail of how Master Sirio reached India via land in 1973. The trip took a month which was filled with events that were more than coincidental. Everything seemed to follow a Divine Plan which then unfolded. Come and join the Master in this adventure and explore the mystical journey from the West to the East.

In this episode we come to know Master Sirio, where he comes from, how he got into a spiritual quest, following a sudden, spontaneous spiritual awakening.