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Who are the Master-souls? What's their purpose? Where do they come from? What's the difference between the masters of the past and the living masters? Why should we have a spiritual Master at all? How it might influence or change our lives?

If you are interested in all these questions, listen to this podcast and you will find answers by a realised spiritual Master.

What is Surat Shabd Yoga? Where does the spiritual path want to take us? Is there a final stage we have to aim at? What is this final stage? How to get there? What does growth look like on the Path and what benefits do you see in your everyday life?

Master Kirpal left this physical world on the 21st of August in 1974.
In this special episode, we remember the anniversary of His Mahasamadhi with Master Sirio and Norman Sharp, another initiate of Maharaj Kirpal.

If you want to know more about the spiritual story of Norman, you can watch the following videos on YouTube:
God's gift through a Godman - https://youtu.be/7pvDmRnbN0c
A child of the Saint - https://youtu.be/S0Qx-xUPxaM

Returning to Italy in 1973 to return to India in 1974 to participate in the Unity of Man Conference in Delhi - organised by Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji - and celebrate Master Kirpal's 80th birthday together. Again a fantastic meeting with life-transforming spiritual revelations.

In this episode, the initial quest of Master Sirio, starting with a spontaneous spiritual awakening reaches an ecstatic peak.

We come to know what an uplifting and life-changing experience might be to meet in person a realised spiritual master and to look into his eyes. A single encounter that with great luck might profoundly transform a man, to change habits and lifestyle, to set out on the spiritual path to be good, do good and eventually be One...

Up to this current episode everything seemed perfect and miraculous in Master Sirio's spiritual quest and trip to India. But when things reached an amazing peak, all at a sudden the situation changed direction in a dramatic way.

In this episode, I speak with Master Sirio about his arrival in Rishikesh after travelling through Pakistan and the Punjab. We can hear of the amazing details of how he was miraculously taken care of and guided from above. We can also get a glimpse into the vibrant world of India during the 70s.

In this episode we can listen to the adventures in detail of how Master Sirio reached India via land in 1973. The trip took a month which was filled with events that were more than coincidental. Everything seemed to follow a Divine Plan which then unfolded. Come and join the Master in this adventure and explore the mystical journey from the West to the East.

In this episode we come to know Master Sirio, where he comes from, how he got into a spiritual quest, following a sudden, spontaneous spiritual awakening.