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The following section is dedicated to the upcoming events. If you are interested in any of our programs, or you have any questions regarding the programs with Master Sirio, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@siriosatsang.com.

  Jul 15 - Jul 18 2018

    Currer Laithe Farm, Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

Annual meditation retreat and Satsang in England (Yorkshire)


"If we are sincere, we are attracting into our life situations which are going to be good for us, which are going to build up our life and build us up as real human beings."


"You are cordially invited, in Master's Name, to this year's Yorkshire Retreat. The dates are: the 15th to the 18th of July inclusive. Master Sirio will arrive at tea time on the 15th and leave very early on the 19th. Please try and arrange to fly into Leeds/Bradford Airport as the remaining airports are a considerable distance away and will require public transport to get to the venue. On behalf of the Yorkshire Sangat we are looking forward to seeing you in July"

This year's retreat again will be held at the Currer Laihe farm in West Yorkshire.

The farm is approximately 500 years old and, as such, is very rough and ready. However, the rooms are clean and tidy and the whole farm has a very nice atmosphere. Although the farmhouse itself is on the small side, it is surrounded by open countryside with many walks available. It is owned by two ladies who are friendly and helpful, and will make us very welcome. As this is a working farm there will be livestock wandering about and don't be surprised if the donkeys join in with the bhajans.

To cover expenses, visitors are asked to donate the equivalent of 20 euros per day. This will more or less cover the hire of the farm, all meals, transport and hire of any venues we use.

Bedding and towels will be provided. All you need will be a bhajan book.

A list of timings and events will be issued nearer to the retreat.

If you are thinking of attending this year's retreat, could you please contact us and we will make all the arrangements for your visit. Thank you.

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Steve and Teresa Boast
01423 711915



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  Aug 15 - Aug 21 2018

    Sant Bani Ashram, Ribolla (Italy)

Summer meditation retreat and Satsang in Italy


“Absence of me, presence of Thee we want to practice, no more I only God is our common living, in the Supreme peace it’s our common state, the Divine Beauty from our face we want to radiate.”

  Nov 15 - Nov 25 2018

    Manav Kendra, Dehradun (India)

Intense meditation retreat and Satsang in India


"This is why the eyes of the Master, and His physical form, are the most important thing. Places of pilgrimage, Japa and Tapa, repetitions, assiduous or austere practices, all these are nothing in comparison with darshan."

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