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The following section is dedicated to the upcoming events. If you are interested in any of our programs, or you have any questions regarding the programs with Master Sirio, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@siriosatsang.com.

Yorkshire meditation retreat with Satguru Sirio Ji

 21-28 June 2019

 Yorkshire (United Kingdom)

The Yorkshire Sangat is delighted to announce that Master Sirio will be visiting Yorkshire again this year and will be blessing us with a seven day meditation retreat. Included in this will be two public lectures in Bradford and Baildon:

- Saturday 22nd June from 6pm to 9pm, is at Baildon Community Link 

 - Sunday 23rd June from 4.30pm to 6pm at the Hindu Temple in Bradford

If you would like to attend or are just interested in the Sant Mat teachings please contact us on: steve@boastess.co.uk.
The retreat starts on the 21st of this month (June) and will run until the 27th. The venue will again be at Currer Laithe in Keithley, west Yorkshire.

Spiritual trip with Satguru Sirio Ji in the United States of America

  July 2019

 Washington DC & Idaho

Summer 2019 meditation retreat in Italy with Satguru Sirio Ji

 Aug 15 - Aug 21 2019

 Sant Bani Ashram, Ribolla (Italy)

Come and attend an intense meditation retreat with Satguru Sirio Ji, European (Italian) Surat Shabd Yoga (Sant Mat) Master, who is a disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji and Sant Ajaib Singh Ji.

The Ashram is located in the wonderful hillsides of South Tuscany that is called 'the Maremma'. The Ashram was founded in 1979 and with its spiritually charged up atmoshpere, by thousands of meditation hours done here, it is an ideal home to withdraw from the world for a while and renew ourselves.

The spiritual practice done here is called Surat Shabd Yoga. Surat Shabd Yoga is an inner yoga path, meditation on the Inner Light and Sound. In brief, Surat means attention, Shabd is the God-into-expression-power, that manifests as light and sound, and yoga means union. So, Surat Shabd Yoga means when the attention (self) unites, merges into the God-into-expression-power (overself). This is also often mentioned as Radhasoami - in which term radha means the individual soul, and Soami means the universal soul. So Radhasoami means when the individual soul unites with/ merges into the Universal soul.

This is what one may experience through this yoga practice, under the guidance of an authentic, realized Master, who has practiced this path for over 40 years now.

Languages spoken during the program: ITALIAN, ENGLISH

The program of the retreat (all meditation programs are personally lead and guided by Master Sirio Ji; and all programs begin with singing devotional songs and mantras):

Daily schedule:
1.) 4am - 6am meditation
2.) 7am - 9am meditation
3.) 11am - 12am yoga (with Dorottya Fary)
4.) 12am - 1pm meditation
5.) 4.30pm - 7pm Satsang (meditation+lecture of the Master)
6.) 8.30pm - 9.30pm spiritual concert by Master Sirio Ji
after 10pm complete silence

On the last day the program ends after the afternoon Satsang.

The program is for free. There is a minimum cost for the meals and accommodation (min. 20euro/day/person). Above this one can offer donations to the Sant Bani Ashram Association, for the maintaining and improving of the Ashram.

The meals are vegetarian, and only consist of seasonal fruits, vegetables (plus dry fruits). It is also possible to follow a fruit diet or raw diet during the program, or choose the light vegetarian/ vegan meals. (Please indicate in advance your requirements regarding the meals, or if you have any special needs, allergies etc.) There are some attendees who fast completely during the period, so as to make the program deeper and more intense on all levels of the human being.

The yoga lessons in the morning, before the third meditation sitting are meant to make the body more fit, more flexible and so to make us more capable for sitting in meditation. They also have a good effect on the mind, by bringing some fresh energy into our body, our mind is also more capable to relax and smooth down, after some exercises. Usually this third meditation sitting is the most difficult for the body during the day - so we take actions for refreshing ourselves and so to continue the day in a physically more charged up way.

Above all this, it is possible to apply for some seva (selfless service) and do some physical work in the Ashram (such as cleaning the garden, doing works around the houses, pruning trees etc.) that does not only benefit the body, but also the mind and spirit, as the seva (service) that is done for the Ashram is considered to be one of the highest services. The seva done for the Ashram is considered as a service for the all humanity. Through this we serve the Master (who gives His spiritual work for free to us), we serve the Ashram (as a special spiritual place) and all those who attend these programs, and at last but not least ourselves as well. Altogether, doing seva for the Ashram is a great blessing for anyone, a great chance for performing selfless actions and through this experience and deepen an other side of our being.

If you would like to come and take part in the program, or if you have any question, please contact at: info@siriosatsang.com

Sant Ajaib Singh ji bandara

  September 2019


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