Sant Bani Ashram – Ribolla

"Where Heaven and Earth meet..."

A winding unpaved road is leading to the top of the hill among olive fields and vineyards. White and golden wrought iron gates, on the pillars swan statues which are the symbols of the purified souls.

Arriving into the Ashram is always the fulfilment of a moment filled with expectations. A place where the amazing beauty of nature and the uplifting power of the mysticism carry one with themselves at the same time. It is almost 35 years now that this spiritual centre took shape from the wilderness by the all-sacrificing, superhuman work of Master Sirio. Following the order of his Master he left Milan city and began the creation of a place where his Master may come to hold retreats and where seekers (disciples) may do a more intense spiritual practice from time to time.

Everything that is realized here serves the pure and true life, the devotion, the sacrificing and the love of God. This true, peaceful atmosphere is pervading everything. It helps to step out from the everyday cycle, to go within, to find again, to be charged up. As all springs are originating from somewhere, the source of this all-pervading presence is Master Sirio. To completely sacrifice ourselves, surrender our will for serving others, only very few are capable. To live a pure, deep, sincere life there maybe even fewer. Pure because it is the same from inside as it is from outside. Deep because of being present in every moment, the spiritual practice is the most important part of life. Sincere - that means in its complete simplicity to talk according to thoughts and act according to words. This way the teaching is not only a theory, but is a living example of the realization of the human and divine potential. This is the real, rare treasure. It is worth more than if gems were paving the road instead of stones. Of course, we may doubt if such a thing may exist. But everybody who would like to dissolve his or her skepticism may be certain about it personally.

A few years ago the Ashram was broadened with an independent therapeutic section where it is possible to be renewed physically, to heal and purify with the help of Ayurvedic treatments. Master Sirio has a practice as an Ayurvedic therapist for over 20 years now, through which he is providing the means for his living. This way we may be renewed by the means of the more than a thousand years old, ancient but still living knowledge, and Master Sirio's decades’ experience.

So the Sant Bani Ashram in Ribolla is really the place where Heaven and Earth meet, where body and soul may be reborn for the complete human well-being on all levels of our existence.

A place where so much spiritual practice has been done over the last thirty-five years, since its foundation in 1979. Consequently the atmosphere is very special, very peaceful, relaxing, silent and charged. We could say very holy. Since its foundation many spiritual retreats have been organized here and continue to be organized every year.

“It is enough to just be here and breathe the air, in order to feel good”

say many people who visit the Ashram.

Since its foundation lots of work has been done in the Ashram, so by now this secluded sanctuary, surrounded by nature is also modern and well organized. There is drinking water, an artificial lake for irrigation, electricity generated by a photo-voltaic system and an Internet connection. There are four main buildings: meditation space (in and outdoor as well), separate dorms for men and women, plus the house of the Master with the Ayurvedic Center for therapies.

Master Sirio after his spontaneous spiritual awakening, was initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga by Sant Kirpal Singh in 1973 in India, and later on (after the death of his Master) was the first European representative of Sant Ajaib Singh from 1977 until the death of Sant Ajaib in 1997.

All spiritual seminars in the Ashram are offered free of charge to participants, the only contribution that is asked is meeting with the personal daily costs of staying here (minimum 20 euro/day for accommodation and three vegetarian meals per day). Donations are accepted for the maintenance and development of the Ashram.

If you would like to read more about the Ashram and the spiritual activity that is happening at us, please contact us via email at

Sant Bani Ashram - Ribolla (Italy)
Sant Bani Ashram - Ribolla (Italy)