Guru, Naam, Satsang, Darshan – Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound

What is Surat Shabd Yoga meditation?

Recently finished event with live videos

Spring 2020 - Live spiritual retreat with Satguru Sirio Ji (ENGLISH-ITALIANO)

Because of the present difficult situation that humanity has to face now, the annual spring spiritual retreat with Satguru Sirio Ji was organised online. In this period there was a live guided meditation in the morning at 7:00 and a live Satsang in the afternoon at 17:00. The languages of the program were ENGLISH and ITALIANO.

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Summer intense meditation retreat

 15-21. August 2020

Sant Bani Ashram, Italy

Quote of the Day

“By seeing the pictures of the past Mahatmas we come to know that They all were born in the human form, They also had the eyes, the nose and the human form like we have, and They also used to walk and talk and do things like we do. How is it possible that in the past God needed to send the Saints into this world and now He does not need to? Like a child who was born two ages or two thousand years ago needed its mother, now also the children who are being born need their mother as much as the children born two ages ago needed her. So in the same way that God needed to send the Saints to this world a few ages or a couple of thousand years back, now also He needs to send the Saints into this world. Because the souls who are born now in this creation need the presence of the Saints in this world as much as the souls who were born in this world in the past.”

— Sant Ajaib Singh

What is Satsang?

Satsang literally is a speech about Truth. It is given only by the living Master who in turn lived, practiced and absorbed the Satsang of His Master till He became dyed in His colour. Participants may be disciples and also not. The duration of Satsang depends on the need of Truth itself.

Satsang means to speak about Truth. Of elevated thoughts. Practically Satsang is education to the mind, if it only listens to His words and not let anyone or anything deviate the attention . Just like when you get the medicine to cure your body: you feel where it goes and what it does in your body and then you get healed.

About Master Sirio

Master Sirio is a unique western Master of Surat Shabd Yoga or Sant Mat. He both teaches and sets an example of practice of this spiritual path as his knowledge is not only theoretical; he has many decades of personal experience and practice, making his work credible and authentic.

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About Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga

Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga drew its philosophical basis by taking the best from the Sufi (Islamic) and the Hindu traditions: especially the tradition of the Sant which already adopted certain methods developed further in the Sant Mat. The tradition of the Sufis – Islamic mystics – who -essentially – believe in one God (monotheism) and the Human Pole who is the mouthpiece of God on earth and the instrument chosen by Him to convey the spiritual Light to the souls willing and ready for mystical union.

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About the Sant Bani Ashram, Ribolla

“…a place of Divine Bliss and a spiritual sanctuary for those who visit it. The wonderful surronding, the atmospehere and its high spiritual charge make it ideal for helding retreats for all those seekers who really wish to improve in their spirit." 

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